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Important Update on Case Inventory and Availability

Posted: 9/5/21

Welcome one and all! Thank you for continuing to support our small business; None of these cases would be here without you!
I am sure many here reading this already know the struggles lately when it comes to the production line across the world; simply, things are taking longer then usual to create, ship, and get delivered. 
Last week we ran out of our N64 Clear cases that we had in stock; we received several larger than usual orders for them one after the other and before we knew it, we were out! 
We put an order in to do a substantial run of them, however, the production costs have increased significantly from only 2 months prior.
And to make matters more difficult, the shipping costs have increased over 350%! So at this exact moment it is not feasible for us to issue a new production run for just the Clear N64 cases by themselves. For any/all clients who are still waiting on their N64 Clear case orders; we are flying in a few thousand Clear N64 cases just to get your orders out the door and into your hands! 😊
Luckily, we are fully stocked up on every other game case we sell! But as we continue on, and if freight shipping rates stay the same or continue to rise, we may have to take down other case types as they run out of stock.
We are keeping close tabs on all these things and once the appropriate opportunity presents itself we'll take it! 🙂 Historically speaking, freight rates go back to normal around January, right after the Holiday rush. That is when we estimate we will be getting the N64 Clears back in stock. 
The increased shipping rates won't really effect the new GBC Rumble Pak cases, due to the fact they are much smaller and the volume we need in inventory is more akin to the Virtual Boy cases we have. (Low volume amount needed)
Again, thank you everyone for your support! We are excited for what the future holds and anxious to get working on the next case mold!​
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