1: The STEPS above only apply to the SEGA Colored cases. At this time we are not filling SEGA cases with covers in the Original Black case color.


2: The cart holders, in these cases, only hold the STANDARD CART size. We will be building a second version of these cases for the EA and square sized carts, but they are not built....yet.


3: All of the Genesis and Mega Drive covers will be provided only in the uniformed formate.


4: We will not be selling these colored cases without covers at this time.


5: We decided to get a jump on these cases being launched. There are thousands of these cases in stock, and we are curently working on adding these two collections to the main site. Eventually these 2 collections will be availalbe in the standard method of purchase on the site. Once we establish these collections on the site, the correct way, the Black case color will be a buying option.






Go to the STORE and Select the EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS Category



Gather up your list of the Game Titles you would like to order; one list for the Genesis and another list for the Mega Drive cases. We would suggest placing this list in a word document file. (Easier for you to copy and paste it for STEP 4)



Add to your cart the number of cases you need for each type.


STEP 4: 

Go to checkout. At checkout there is a 'COMMENTS' section for your order. This is where STEP 2 comes in play, in the COMMENTS field type in what covers you are wanting for each game case you selected. Some form of order would be appreciated, like:


1- Contra Hard Corps

2- Sonic 1

3- Shining Force

Mega Drive

1- The Lion King

2- 3 Ninja Kickback

3- ....and so forth. 


And that's it! Go get yours now!


STEPS on how to order the all-NEW SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive COLORED cases!