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STEPS on how to order the all-NEW SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive COLORED cases!




Go to the STORE and Select the EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS Category



Gather up your list of the Game Titles you would like to order; one list for the Genesis and another list for the Mega Drive cases. We would suggest placing this list in a word document file. (Easier for you to copy and paste it for STEP 4)



Add to your cart the number of cases you need for each type.


STEP 4: 

Go to checkout. At checkout there is a 'COMMENTS' section for your order. This is where STEP 2 comes in play, in the COMMENTS field type in what covers you are wanting for each game case you selected. Some form of order would be appreciated, like:


1- Contra Hard Corps

2- Sonic 1

3- Shining Force

Mega Drive

1- The Lion King

2- 3 Ninja Kickback

3- ....and so forth. 


And that's it! Go get yours now!




1: The STEPS above only apply to the SEGA Colored cases. At this time we are not filling SEGA cases with covers in the Original Black case color.


2: The cart holders, in these cases, only hold the STANDARD CART size. We will be building a second version of these cases for the EA and square sized carts, but they are not built....yet.


3: All of the Genesis and Mega Drive covers will be provided only in the uniformed formate.


4: We will not be selling these colored cases without covers at this time.


5: We decided to get a jump on these cases being launched. There are thousands of these cases in stock, and we are curently working on adding these two collections to the main site. Eventually these 2 collections will be availalbe in the standard method of purchase on the site. Once we establish these collections on the site, the correct way, the Black case color will be a buying option.





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