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Who We Are...

Just like you, we have a bond with our childhood memories of waking up at 5AM, sneaking in the living room, and turning on Mario (or Sonic) while the rest of the house slept. We love our games, and we have pride in them; and we love to show off our collections to friends and loved ones. When I became an adult, I sought out some sort of collection system that would compliment my ever-growing SNES and N64 game collection. When I looked, I really didn't find much, and what was out there was either low quality or too pricey. So I decided I would be the one to make my dream a reality. I owe a big THANK YOU to The Cover Project! None of this would have ever come to be without them. They are an ever-expanding group of dedicated men and women who have spent hours making this a reality. I know there are others out there like me who love these games and want to see them around for may years to come.
                 This is why it is a great joy to be able to bring you these products via this website!


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