You've Got Questions?      We've Got Answers!


Do Game Cases Come with a Game?

No, these are game cases ONLY. There are no games included in the sale.



Do you Offer Coupons, Free Shipping, or Samples?

You are able to attain FREE SHIPPING if you order 150 cases with covers (in the US); 200 cases with covers (Canada): or 250 cases with covers (rest of the world).

NOTE: This does NOT apply to Blank Case orders. Orders must have covers included to be eligible for FREE SHIPPING.
Coupons: We do not offer coupons on the site. Filling orders is a very demanding hands-on job and we need to pay the people who fulfill this work. 
We do not offer free samples of our products.
Cover's Print Quality

The covers are printed on Digital Press quality paper with a velvet finish (semi-gloss). We use an industrial grade Xerox platform to print all our covers. (Including special requested or 1-off covers)
What is Your Order Processing Procedures? How Quickly do Orders Ship?


Due to the volume of orders we receive, we typically run orders in batches. On Tuesdays we pull all existing orders in our queue, we then pay for their postage and pull packing slips, Wednesdays we pull all the covers and print them. Friday and Saturdays (Sometimes Sundays) we cut all the covers and collate them with their proper orders. Mondays we box the weeks worth of orders and drop them off with the selected careers. If an order has a special request, or missing covers within it, that order goes through additional steps. If we are very busy it can take about 2-3 weeks for a standard order to arrive. (Longer if you are outside the USA)



Do you Ship Internationally? (what about DUTIES!?)

Yes! We have shipped to over 40 different Countries! As for duties on the cases, we list them at $0.50-$1.00ea depending on the volume in the transaction for international customs. The client is responsible for paying their country's custom duties. 


Can I Pay with a Debt/Credit Card?

Yes! At checkout select on the payment method Paypal, when it takes you to the Paypal portal select the option in there titles 'Pay with other Method' this will provide you with a Debt/Credit payment method.


What are the Additional Steps for Orders with Missing Covers?


When an order comes in with items we have not yet created we immediately start sourcing the artwork recourses for these requests. There are MANY boxes/covers in the gaming world that are unique and incredibly hard to source or even find traces of on the internet. We passionately love the world gaming community and we pride ourselves in sourcing these "lost nuggets" of the classical retro gaming family tree and get them into our clients hands! Patience is key. When we find these and get them in our hands we don't simply slap the scans together to whip up a quick cover, we have half a dozen dedicated Artists in our core group, who remaster, color balance, retype text, and even rebuild logos in order to create a cover that will stand the test of time. We build plastic game cases to catalogue collections that will last for years to come; That is why we spend equal time, energy, and effort into their covers.
Cancellations & Refunds

 -Cancelations are NOT accepted once you receive your tracking number.  
-If you cancel your order *before it has a tracking* number, you will receive a full refund, less the PayPal service fee.
-A partial refund will be issued if a client has canceled his/her order before it has received a tracking number. If we have already paid postage, and/or have printed the covers, those costs will not be refunded. We will also not refund the PayPal service fees.


Returns & Damaged Goods


-Returns are NOT accepted because we never resell used/returned cases. Everything is packaged brand-new. If you are stuck with cases you can not use, resell them on Ebay!  
-Damaged goods: We are more than happy to send you out a replacement item if something arrives damaged. 


Will you be Creating More Game Cases?

-Yes! Our next two molds are the GAME BOY COLOR RUMBLE PAK and Atari! 
-The GBCRP case will also be able to accommodate GBC Rumble Pak carts, Gameboy Cameras, and the Wario Twisted cart! We hope to have these available for purchase by November 2021! 
-Atari cases will be soon after.
-We also have a second SEGA case on the design board as well! (It will accommodate 32x, EA square carts, and properly secure the Sonic & Knuckle's cart.)