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As of May 1st 2017 we are out of stock on the Dark Gray NES and SNES/SFC cases. However! Our most recent batch of them is in production and heading our way right now!



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   40 Days          25 Days                10 Days            IN STOCK!





If you are one of the MANY clients who are in need of our CLEAR NES and or SNES/SFC cases you are in LUCK! We have plenty of the CLEAR cases in stock!


All you have to do are the following steps.


The NES and SNES product pages will be back up as soon as possible; but until then, we can still receive Clear Case orders for the NES and SNES/SFC cases by the below process.



Go to the STORE and Select the either the

CLEAR - SNES/SFC Game Case: Includes Cover! (Custom; Client Requested) or CLEAR - NES Game Case: Includes Cover! (Custom; Client Requested) product page.



Gather up your list of Clear NES or SNES/SFC Game Case Titles you would like to order; We would suggest placing this list in a word document file. (Easier for you to copy and paste it for STEP 4)



Add to your cart the number of cases you need for each type.


STEP 4: 

Go to checkout. At checkout there is a 'COMMENTS' section for your order. This is where STEP 2 comes in play, in the COMMENTS field type in what covers you are wanting for each game case you selected. Some form of order would be appreciated, like:


1- Contra

2- Super Mario Bros. 3

3- Kid Niki


1- Super Metroid

2- Legend of Zelda Link to the Past

3- ....and so forth. 


And that's it! Go get yours now!


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