1.   GBA - Little League Baseball 2002 ...Looking for Resources (Will Pay $$$ for Scans!)

Curent List of Covers the Team is working on

(These are all paid Client Requested covers in our queue.)

  Name:                                                                                                                                         Status
   2.  GBA - Maya the Bee: The Great Adventure ...Looking for Resources
   3.  GBC - Baby Felix Halloween (PAL)                      ...Building
   4.  GBA - NBA Jam 2002                                     ...Building 
   5.  GBA - The Bee Game                  ...Looking for Resources (Will Pay $$$ for Scans!)
   6.  GBA - BMX Trick Racer                ...Looking for Resources (Will Pay $$$ for Scans!)
   13.  GBA - Scrabble Blast                                     ...Building
   9.  GB - Jeopardy! Teen Tournament   ...Looking for Resources (Will Pay $$$ for Scans!)
   10.  GB - Yogi Bear's Gold Rush                              ...Building
   11.  GBC - Toobin'                                               ...Building
   7.  GB - Infogenius Translator (Spanish)                    ...Building
   12.  GBA - Comix Zone (PAL)              ...Looking for Resources (Will Pay $$$ for Scans!)
   14.  GBC - Speedy Gonzales: Aztec Adventures          COMPLETE
   15.  GBA - Nickelodeon 4 Games On One Pak            ...Building
   16.  GBA - Payback (EU)                                        ...Building
   17.  GBC - Hoyle Casino                                       ...Building
   18.  GBC - Hugo 2 1/2 (PAL)                                   ...Building
   19.  GBA - Crash Superpack 2 Super Games!             ...Building
   20.  NES - Ultimate Stuntman                                 ...Pending
   21.  NES - Zelda II: End of Day                                ...Pending
   22.  NES - Zelda: Outlands                                    ...Pending
   23.  N64 - Super Smash Bros: Remix                        ...Pending
   24.  GBA - Classic NES Series: Clu Clu Land               ...Pending
   25.  GBA - Classic NES Series: Ghosts 'n Goblins          ...Pending
   26.  GBA - Classic NES Series: Kid Icarus                   ...Pending
   27.  GBA - Pinobee and Phoebee (Custom English Rom)     ...Pending
   28.  GBA - Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends    ...Pending
   29.  GBA - Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Rescue Rangers      ...Pending
   30.  GBA - Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Life of Guardians    ...Pending
   31.  GBA - Pokemon Cursed                                   ...Pending
   32.  GBA - Pokemon Outlaw                                  ...Pending
   33.  VB - Mario Kart Virtual Cup                             ...Pending
   34.  GBA - Classic NES Series: Wrecking Crew             ...Pending
   35.  GBA - Classic NES Series: Twinbee                      ...Pending
   36.  GBA - Classic NES Series: Star Soldier                  ...Pending
   37.  GBA - Fullmetal Alchemist: Stray Rondo (English Hack)  ...Pending
   38.  GBA - Classic NES Series: Mappy                       ...Pending
   39.  SNES - PTO II: Pacific Theater of Operations (Horz.) ...Pending
   40.  SNES - Super Mario Omega (Repro)                   ...Pending
   41.   NES - Power Pack                                         ...Pending
   42.  GBA - Classic NES Series: Ganbare Goemon         ...Pending
   8.  GB - Foreman for Real                                    ...Building
NOTE   There is close to x2 more covers on our Master list... We will work on adding all them to this page.

If you order a game title who's cover art we do not have easily available to us it will end up on this list.

We are very proud in the quality of the artwork we provide for our customers. All these products are handmade, and all the covers are built with hours and hours of passion and close eye to detail. Some times we run into covers that are much harder to find good quality art resources for than others. Many times we end up buying actual boxes to build these covers, and most of that time the actual original boxes are 3...5......20 times more cost then what we sell our cases for. We kindly ask that you have patience when ordering one of these cases.


While you are waiting for us to knock out some more amazing covers be sure to order any other cases you may need to complete your collection!