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(Original) Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Game Case FAQs



And YES! They do have clear artwork sleeves!

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  • What Colors do the NES Cases Come in?



Clear      Dark Grey

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  • How Sturdy are the new NES Cases?



When we started down this road of invention we knew that we had to take our time and really think things through; The cases need to house the NES games in a professional manner, be sturdy to lasts for years, while having a nice, slick, conforming look to them!

Reinforcement Bar
4 Closing Clips
Tongue & Groove

(Ensures a Nice Square Closed Case Every Time!)

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We put a lot of thought into the structural integrity of these cases

We didn't skimp out on the quality of material, the number of reinforced points within the case, nor the sheer amount of plastic it takes to create a true product that will last for over 30 years like it's game has!

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  • How Big are these NES Cases?



There aren't many, but there are a few cases out in the world which can house the NES game carts already; the majority of these are modded out UGC cases. Several clients have already asked "How do these cases compare in size with my existing modded UGC cases?" there is a small visual difference, but a very minute one.

 Our Case       UGC





 Our Case       




 Our Case       



See how nice they look sitting next to our Gameboy style cases!!! 

Like two peas in a pod

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  • Do the Game carts CLIP or Rest in the Cases?



They CLIP in! No more games sliding around loosely! We had these cases specially designed to accomodate ALL NES game carts! Including non-licensed carts! This list includes but NOT limited to: Tengen, Color Dream, AVE, AGCI, Wisdom Tree, Camerica/ Codemasters, and SEI game cartridges perfectly!

Holding Clips!
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  • Do the Game Instruction Booklets fit in the Cases?



Yes they do! Both the large and small Instruction Booklets nicely fit in the left side of the cases. We tested both the thinnest and thickest booklets out there and the ALL fit!

Have a question not addressed on this page about the new NES cases? 



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